Action Hank | Swing Punk

Action Hank is a Guildford-based 7-piece band. Our main plan is to try and mix swing and big-band with punk. It's kind of like, through ska-punk and out of the other side.

Kind of.

Well, it was, anyway! We never officially split up, but we haven't played together since about 2007.

This was the part of the site where we proudly linked off to our myspace page, and our forum on, and so on. Ah, simpler times.

Check out our EP!

It’s called Rough Chuckles - here’s the cover:

Action Hank - Rough Chuckles

You can listen to it using the player on this page, or click on the cover to head over to bandcamp and buy the thing! Or, you know, download it for free. Hope you guys like it!